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At Exponential Ventures, we're working to solve big problems with exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Digital Fabrication, Human-Machine Interaction, and Robotics. If you're interested in these fields, have an entrepreneurial spirit and are looking to create a positive change in the world then keep reading.

Who we are

We're behind the development of several Startups. The Exponential Venture's Founder is the former CTO and co-founder of Startup Foundry where he helped create startups such as Quickly Legal, Respect, Curio, and Crowdspring. We're also behind a few Open Source projects, the most notable being the Network Scanning frontend called Zenmap (formerly known as Umit) that is distributed by all mainstream Linux distributions and is used daily by hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity engineers throughout the world. It has even featured in the movie Bourne Ultimatum!

Why you shouldn't join us

At Exponential Ventures we don't take up hard problems to solve. Those we call a hobby. Between these walls, the only kind of problem that we work to solve are the impossible ones.

Every team member is expected to work hard to grow (hopefully in ways that won't show on the scale) from the moment they join the team, until they're ready to take off with one of our ventures or to ventures of their own. Forget about comfort zone. The only one available is the growth zone.

Discussions are highly encouraged. This is definitely not the kind of company you'd get away with half-baked ideas and presentations.

And yes, the rummors are true: if you're late more than 3 minutes for any meeting, you'll be on duty to delight the crew with 15 clapping push-ups. You better spend those 3 minutes doing a nice warm-up.

Here are the benefits we offer:
Flexible Paid Vacation
Free Books
Stock Equity
Monday Chats
Work from anywhere
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