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Our Open Source community is focused in developing tools that make the Machine Learning work faster, easier, and reproducible. Join our effort in democratizing AI and creating tools that empower engineers to disrupt industries. Check us out on Github!


Aurum is a new and simplified approach for data scientists to keep track of data and code without having to get another PhD for it. It keeps track of all code and data changes, and lets you easily reproduce any experiment as well as easily compare metrics across experiments.

Easy to use pipeline solution for your AI/ML experiments, with a neat caching feature that allows you to skip the overhead and jump straight to the step that was changed most recently. It's almost like having Jupyter abilities in the shell, but now you can use git and make sense of changes.

Umit Project

Founded in 2007, Umit Project was an Open Source Organization focused on tools for network administration and cybersecurity with support from Google.

Zenmap was formerly known as Umit, and was developed by Umit Project before it was adopted as the standard frontend interface for the famous Nmap. Zenmap is now distributed by all mainstream Linux distributions, is translated to dozens of languages, and is used by millions everyday all around the world.