About Us

"The difference between a pebble and a mountain lies in whom you ask to move it." - Marcus Buckingham

Our Story

Back in 2014, after helping several startups recover from services outages, Adriano created a product called Fail Safer to help companies stay in control of infrastructure issues. That was Exponential Ventures' first project. Soon after, Adriano co-founded another Startup Studio called Startup Foundry where he had the opportunity to create and launch other startups before getting back to Exponential Ventures.

Launching startups is a thrilling but incredibly challenging experience. Despite the challenges, true entrepreneurs can't get enough of it. Walking on the Earth while seeing all the pain and suffering caused by problems big and small that you know can be fixed. Not only it can be fixed, but fixed in an elegant, intelligent, and profitable way. True entrepreneurs can't contain that urge and that is why launching one startup was never enough for us no matter how successful it could be.

Our expertise in Exponential Technologies enables us to create solutions to problems that have always seemed impossible to solve. Those are exactly the kinds of problems that we're currently working on. This is Exponential Ventures.

Our Ethos

It is almost impossible to innovate with old ideas. This is why we strive to continuously stay ahead of the curve in the field of technology. A day lost is a day in which you didn't learn something new.

Everybody makes mistakes, but successful people are the ones that learns from them daily. That is why we're firm believers that supporting our team through mistakes is just as important as celebrating successes.

In fact, we're not afraid of failures. We're only afraid of facing ourselves in the future knowing that we didn't try hard enough. And try we will, until we succeed. Or until we learn that we've been wrong all along. Although we all have unknown wrong precepts, there is no use in being committed to the ones we know.

Our Community

At Exponential Ventures we're firm supporters and users of Open Source technology. In fact, our founder, Adriano Marques, has once led an Open Source Community and produced software that is still used today by millions all over the world.

We use Open Source not because it is mostly free of charge, but mostly because it is free to use, combine, and adapt. And that is the nature of Exponential Technologies.

We're just getting started with our contributions to the Open Source Community. If you're one of those looking to spread the love with Open Source, check out our projects and send us a pull request with your improvements. Let us know about they have been useful to you. We're always excited to learn from the community!

Our Team

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." - Vince Lombardi

At Exponential Ventures we invest in people because we know that great people is what makes great companies. On top of being great, our team is marked by people who are always eager to grow and improve. That is why we're so proud of our amazing team and the incredible products we're creating together. There is nevel a dull moment when you're trying to make the impossible possible.