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Exponential Ventures

Founded by Adriano Marques, Exponential Ventures is a Startup Studio focused in creating solutions empowered by Exponential Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Digital Fabrication, Blockchains, Human-Machine Interaction, and Robotics.

In order to achieve that, we've put together a team of highly qualified multidisciplinary professionals ready to solve the hardest problems in virtually any industry, fromtech, to defense, to finance, to health, to legal,and beyond.

On top of having built an amazing team, we also have put together an amazing infrastructure that allows us to build any kind of prototype as well as conduct massive processing tasks on-premise.

Startup Studio.

Different from Incubators and Accelerators, a Startup Studio is a company that creates Startups from its own ideas while using only internal human and financial resources. This setup allows for quickly testing out ideas, reusing technology, and sharing resources, giving our Startups the best chances of finding product-market fit.

We draw upon many years of experience launching and running Startups in different industries to continually improve our ideation and product development processes.

We're always hiring. If you're a talented professional looking to make a dent in the universe by taking part in one or several of our innovative ideas, checkout ourJobs Board and send us your resume!

Innovation Factory

We're in it for the long run, and there are a few things going for us.

Compounding Effect

As a parent company, Exponential Ventures benefits from exclusive licensing deals with its child companies to accelerate the development of new ideas. With this strategy, we're able to speed up the process of launching new startups further increasing our capabilities and chances of finding product-market fit.

Integrated Teams

By investing in people, we're able to retain a highly qualified multidisciplinary teams ready to start a new project at any moment. We're continually improving our skills and stretching ourselves out of our comfortable zones while delivering high quality results.

Our capabilities

The foundation upon which great Startups are being built

Dedicated cluster

On-premise High-Performance Cluster for Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing.

Multi-disciplinary team

Ready to take on new challenges

Our lab

3D Printers, CNC, Laser Cutter, and tools to build Prototypes and test out ideas.

When it comes to track records

And the Open Source Projects we launched:

Latest News
Make Time
One of the many cool things about working here at XNV is that we have a book club! We each take a turn picking a book, we read it, and then once a month we meet via Zoom to talk about the book. The book we read in January was, Make Time [https://www.amazon.com/Make-Time-Focus-Matters-Every/dp/0525572422] by Jake and JZ. The main idea behind Make Time, is simply that making time for what really matters.  The book really hit home for me, I am always running around with a 200 item to do list gett
Jasmine Smith
The Art of Hiring Data Scientists
The amount of companies hiring out Data Scientists thinking that they're going to come in, wave a wand and solve all problems with AI is appalling. This is not good for the industry, the companies, or the Data Scientists. Disrupting an industry takes a lot more than hiring a couple of Data Scientists and handing them a wishlist. Solving real problems with Artificial Intelligence requires experience across several technical domains that start with the hardware and ends with the production model,
Adriano Marques
Adopting Quantum Computing in 2021
Interesting take on adopting Quantum Computing in 2021, but I still think that there is a lot to overcome before most companies can actually use Quantum Computing for problems that really matter. Most people don't know, but Quantum Computers are a thing already, the problem is that they're not as powerful right now as we need it to be, and it is very hard to program them and get good results out of it. More on this topic here: https://www.analyticsinsight.net/if-not-then-organizations-should
Adriano Marques